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Roof repair service

What do I need to know before deciding to repair or replace my roof?

Choosing whether to totally rebuild a roof or merely fix it may be one of the most challenging choices a homeowner can make regarding their house. Any homeowners will put off required roof maintenance and replacements before there is proof of internal water damage or outdoor dry-rot damage induced by roof leaks. Other homeowners would require a roof replacement even though the roof’s useful life may be prolonged after changes are produced.


Second, often real estate contracts are suspended or cancelled because a homeowner with insufficient capital who is purchasing a home in an as-is condition is asked to receive a roof certification from their landlord, only to be advised by their roofing company that they need an expensive roof repair. When deciding whether to fix or rebuild the roof, there are some crucial factors to remember.

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All roofing companies are not the same, and they will not approach your roof in the same way. Many roof inspections are arbitrary in nature. Any roofing companies oppose fixing and certifying roofs from potential leakage because they lack the money to fix future roof leaks on approved roofs. These companies will look at every excuse to deny a potential fix under their roof approval. These companies are in the company of offering you a replacement roof and would go to considerable efforts to inform you that your roof has to be changed.


Based on our experience, Roof repair services Lafayette has seen several cases when a roofing company has advised a homeowner that they require a new roof, ignoring the reality that the roofing material already has several years before it hits its expected life. For example, we often see 3-tab composition roofs in the 12-15-year-old range that are being re-roofed by roofing contractors. About every time, we see roofing contractors order a re-roof on a wood shake roof that can still be restored and approved. There are occasions that a roof really has to be patched, and other periods when sufficient repairs would suffice. Often ask the recommendations of other roofing companies before making a call.


Many of our rivals would charge a homeowner or a house buyer up to $100 or more to assess a roof and then issue a roof report explaining how bad the roof is and what modifications will be needed to correct the roof. We assume that paying a roofing contractor to explain some roof issues in a roof report is similar to a roofing contractor paying a homeowner to repair their roof, which we both realize would never happen. We have such a large number of inspections that it is able to include free roof inspections and free roof studies. The following are a few pointers to keep you updated