Roof Insurance Claims 

Get the funds you require to rebuild your roof

You’ll almost definitely need to submit a roof insurance claims with your insurance company at some point. It may be challenging to navigate the operation, but our Lafayette, LA-based company is here to assist.Not only can we handle roof maintenance, but we will also provide you with the insurance claims phase. We’ll partner with you and your insurance company to bring you the funds you need to cover the expenses of the roof repair. Send Roof Insurance claims Lafayette an email today to set up a service in Lafayette, LA.

Insurance made simple

The roof insurance claims process is made simple

Allow us to manage the claim forms when you require roof fixes. We’ll do the following:

  • Inspect the roof and have an estimation for free.
  • Assist you in completing the petition paperwork
  • Discuss the maintenance through the insurance company.
  • Handle the maintenance at a fair rate.

Throughout the insurance claims phase, you can get unwavering assistance and sound guidance. Consult with one of our accredited insurance adjusters right away.

Making certain Lafayette insurance adjusters do appropriate inspection

When faced with roof loss or the need for roof contracting services, Lafayette property owners may try to charge through insurers to relieve their own expenditures. Since this is a complicated procedure, Core Contractors, Roofing Systems will have to negotiate with the insurance company to reach an understanding on work scope and invoicing. When an adjuster representing the insurance company arrives at the Lafayette property or residence to do an inspection, we will be there to support to ensure the full scope of work is recorded on the claim. 

Our roofing consultants can ensure that the adjuster inspects all roofing materials, gutters, pipes, flashing, and losses. Anything at the Lafayette property would be heavily photographed and registered in order to make reviewing the argument as simple as achievable.

A middleman between Lafayette customers and insurance companies

Since the insurance phase is only getting underway, our dedication to customer service does not end until the adjuster leaves a Lafayette home. We are with Lafayette clients every step of the way, providing adequate scope with insurance carriers. Once an agreement has been made, we will handle contacting them to secure supplemental service coverage for any additional issues that arise through the construction process.

Contact Us Today in Lafayette for your roof insurance claims  Service.

If you need roofing services for your Lafayette home, contact Core Contractors, Roofing Systems before dealing with insurance. We have consultants on board in Lafayette who know the ins and outs of what is protected by property insurance plans for roofing and deal closely with adjusters and carriers on our customers’ behalf. We are here as an insurance ally to guarantee that roofing fixes and upgrades are covered, so visit our Lafayette office now before contacting the insurance company for a roofing allegation!

Roof Insurance Claims in Lafayette, Louisiana and Surrounding Communities

Filing insurance claims after the property has been damaged by a storm may be a stressful and time-consuming operation – but we can support! Your insurance company would not make it easier for you to get the money for your claim, particularly if your documentation is late or wrongly filled out. We understand the claims procedure and can assist you in navigating your path to a payout. Call us right away if you require a roof fix or assistance making a lawsuit.

Don’t want to manage the insurance claims on your own. Enable our roofing company to take care of things for you!