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Lafayette Roofing Experts is a full-service roofing business with a long history. We formed our own company while partnering with others in the industry to improve their processes and customer support. We are proud of our work and care for our clients. We offer competitive pricing while upholding the high standards that our customers have come to expect. We are a family-run company that is committed to serving our friends, family, and neighbors.

Lafayette Roofing Experts are Proud Roofers

A stable roof is critical for the safety and survival of your house, which is why regular roofing maintenance is necessary. Fortunately, Lafayette Roofing Experts will meet any of your roofing requirements, regardless of the type of roof you want. Lafayette Roofing Experts is the Lafayette, LA roofers you can rely on for high-quality and affordable roofing services when it comes to testing, fixing, re-shingling, or replacing the roof.

Full roofing services with an assured performance

We provide a diverse range of roofing systems for homes in Lafayette, LA, and the surrounding areas. Our roofing services include inspection, installation and removal, emergency maintenance, and repair, but we can meet all of your requirements. Our mission is straightforward: we want to offer the best roof design, repair, and inspection services to our customers. Whatever your requirements are, our team is more than willing to assist. Our team is highly skilled and experienced, and they are happy to help you! All you have to do now is pick up the phone or press a few buttons, and we’ll be right there!

Roof Repair Experts in Lafayette, LA

If you believe you need the services of a roof repair specialist, you can depend on us. We treat this line of work with the utmost regard. The roof protects the majority of the building, the occupants, and the property inside. Enable our experienced team to assist you with your roof maintenance requirements and keep things running smoothly.

Lafayette Roofing Experts Performance Maintenance and Repair 

Roof quality, according to experts, has a huge effect on the value of your house. Cleaning and repairing your roof will aid in the preservation of your home. According to Customer Polls, one of the top five ways to increase the value of your home is to boost the condition of your roof.

How Do You Know Whether Your Roof Needs Repair?

Both roofs need maintenance regularly, but deciding when to seek professional assistance can be difficult. Prevent structural damage to your home, company, or property.

Is your flat or shingle roof leaking? Contacting us would not be a waste of time.

Curling or exhibiting granule loss symptoms? These are common signs of roof aging or destruction.

The age of your roof has a significant impact on the efficiency and speed at which repairs will be required. After 15-20 years, the roof can need additional repairs or removal.

Do you need Lafayette Roofing Experts?

What is roof inspection?

Roof inspections assess a roof’s integrity, how long it will last, and whether or not it can be fixed. Roof testers are not permitted to climb onto the roof of a home you want to purchase and rip up shingles or tiles.

What’s in a roof inspection?

While an internal roof inspection involves going up the roof and checking for cracks and proper flashing, as well as the condition of the shingles and chimney, an external roof inspection entails going up the roof and checking for cracks and proper flashing, as well as the condition of the shingles and chimney.

How long would it take to inspect a roof?

It will take 10 minutes to take pictures from the ground to confirm if the main issues are visible from the ground, suggesting significant repair or replacement. If this is a valid inspection and the roof is easily available, allow at least 30 minutes.

How much would it cost to get a roof inspected?

There are some popular myths concerning roof inspection. It is important to clear the air so that you have reliable facts and can take it seriously. Roof maintenance is important for preventing costly emergency roof repairs. Inspections encourage the roofing specialist to remain on top of the current condition and make changes that will ideally eliminate the need for urgent repairs.

Helpful Tips For Finding A Trustworthy Contractor

Following a storm, it’s important to make the necessary roofing adjustments as soon as possible to protect your home from further damage. That’s not to suggest you should employ the first contractor who comes knocking. Finding someone trustworthy, honest, and knowledgeable will go a long way toward protecting your investment.

Consider the following ideas to help you protect yourself, your home, and your wallet:

Full roofing services with a track record of success

1. Ask the salesperson for a list of local referrals. When you employ a local contractor, you are less likely to be frustrated because he or she is more familiar with local laws and codes and has worked with local crews and vendors.

2. Look for the name of the manufacturer. To be factory certified, the contractor must meet certain minimum requirements. Just 5% of roofing contractors are qualified to be recognized as CertifiedTM Contractors.

3. Obtain an all-inclusive warranty. All contractors do not have access to manufacturer warranties that cover the contractor’s workmanship. If you don’t have a workmanship warranty, you could be held responsible for mistakes that appear years later.

4. Confirm that you have all of the required licenses and insurance. Until signing the contract, insist that the salesman include proof of current liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Both employees and subcontractors should be insured, and the provider should be able to include copies for verification. Contractors who are certified must have adequate Workers Compensation coverage as well as state and local licenses in the area where they are working.

5. Pay your tax-deductible. Any contractor who promises to complete the repair without the homeowner paying their premium may be engaging in insurance evasion, putting the homeowner at risk. An agent who claims to be a “claim expert” or to be able to “take the insurance claim” may be breaking the law.

6. Above all, avoid employers who have an “assignment of rewards” provision in their contract. You may be giving away your insurance privileges if you lack the qualifications to manage, plan, or supplement insurance applications.

Contact Lafayette Roofing Experts at any time for more information, advice, or to hire us right away.

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