Hail Damage Lafayette

Repair and replacement of hail damage

Hail damage to the roof is unavoidable. The roof of your home or company is what keeps anything inside secure. You can’t keep your roof safe from any storm that comes your way. You should, though, ensure that you employ Hail damage Lafayette to do any maintenance or roof replacement. We are often questioned, “Do I have to tackle this hail harm now?” Yeah, the conclusion is yes.


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Have you had hail damage to your home or business?

One of the most critical elements of your home or company is the roof. When your roof is destroyed, it cannot shield your foundation entirely. It is important that you keep up with some roof repairs. When you deal with a roof problem right now, you increase the chances of avoiding big issues in the future.

Experts in the hail damage sector believe that hail damage must be repaired as soon as possible. If hail damage is overlooked, it may cause major damage later on. If you think your roof has been damaged by hail, now is the time to have it tested by one of our certified professionals. Call Expert Roofers Lafayette today to set up a free estimate appointment.

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Roof repair in Lafayette, LA

It is important that you notify us as soon as possible about your storm-damaged roof. Ignoring the dilemma would not solve it, and you face more destruction the next time it rains lightly. The longer you take to replace the storm-damaged roof, the less likely your insurance company will approve your application. Call Expert Roofers Lafayette right away to get started.


If you’ve already contacted the insurance company, they would almost certainly recommend roofing companies. Selecting one of these vendors can be done with caution since they normally cost a portion of the claim total to the insurance company only to be on the list. It would be difficult to trust a roofing contractor if you know they have a close relationship with the insurance company.


If you have any concerns on how to proceed with a storm-damaged roof, please contact our office team as soon as possible. We are here to assist you and your property.

Have you had hail damage to your Roof? Two things to consider when hiring a Roofer

You believe a recent storm destroyed your roof. Calling a trustworthy, local roofing company to check the roof for storm damage should be the first move.

1. Be cautious with Storm Chasers.

These are the companies that flood into the city during a storm in need of jobs. All of them would want to convince you to pay a fee or sign an inspection deal on the spot. This is an attempt to weed out smaller companies who could be more favorable on pricing and have a higher chance of having the work. They also make lofty commitments that they are unable to keep.

2. Work for a Local Company!

When it comes to repairing a hail-damaged roof, hiring a reputable, covered, and certified roofing company is your best bet. They were there before the hurricane and would be there after if the need arises. A Lafayette roofing company will purchase shingles from nearby manufacturers, register the manufacturer’s warranties, and has a vested interest in providing excellent customer service. Their company would need to retain a positive reputation for years following the storm and will usually have a decent product.

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Lafayette, LA hail damage service

We patch storm-damaged roofs for residential and industrial clients as part of our disaster roof repair services. Storm damage to every aspect of your house is traumatic, but it is particularly stressful to the roof, which is meant to shield your family and belongings.

We advise homeowners not to climb onto their roofs during a storm to inspect for harm, however there are a few things you can do to determine the state of your roof.

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