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One of the benefits of getting  flat roofs on your Lafayette commercial property is the low maintenance needed to maintain it in good working order. If you need work done on your flat roof, look no further than the flat roofing contractors at Expert Roofers Lafayette. We’ve worked hard to earn the title of top flat roof company in Lafayette, and we’ve done so by providing our customers with low slope roofing construction, repair, and maintenance in a timely and competent manner.

Winterizing the Lafayette flat roofs

After a lengthy and exhausting hurricane season in southern Louisiana, it is important to note that even though your commercial roof in Lafayette, LA was unharmed, you cannot miss the year’s maintenance. Before cold weather will bring frozen temperatures, there are a few items you can tick off your year’s maintenance plan. The most critical feature of your flat roof is its ability to remain waterproof. The waterproof membrane that covers your flat roof can last for twenty to thirty years, so having it tested out during a storm season is a good preventative measure.

Drainage outlets are needed on a flat roof in Lafayette, LA to keep water from being stagnant and rotting the foundation. Storms will blast debris and trash onto your roof, and with the additional rain, debris and trash can get trapped in drainage outlets and create clogs. The roof would get clogged as a result of these clogs. The drainage outlets must be kept clean for proper flat roof maintenance in Lafayette, LA.

In Lafayette, we don’t have to think too much about snow and possible ice jams on roofs, but making sure the flat roof has enough insulation is a preventative step against future issues. Since flat roofs lack attic rooms, they are less shielded from the building’s interior temperature, so snow and ice will melt, stream down the roof, refreeze, and allow ice dams to develop. Although there is no need to shovel snow off flat roofs in Lafayette, LA, it is a safe practice to keep the roof clean of other debris that may create issues.


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Lafayette low slope roofing 

The low pitch roof of your Lafayette commercial property holds up well to the unpredictable atmosphere of Lafayette and can be solid and stable for a long period. Among the main things that you’ll have to worry about if you have a low pitch roof on your Lafayette commercial property is moisture accumulation. Although your roof is incredibly high, you must ensure that the snow and heavy rain that your Lafayette property’s roof experiences over the years is adequately draining. Our flat roofing contractors are trained inspectors with experience with PVC, modified bitumen, built-up, single-ply membrane, and any other low slope roofing option on the market, so you can be assured that when you employ Expert Roofers Lafayette as your flat roof company, your Lafayette home is in good hands.

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The confidence our clients have invested in us over the years is one of the factors that contribute to us becoming a quality flat roof company in Lafayette. We’ve assisted our Lafayette clients with their low slope roofing needs, and we’d be grateful if you gave us the chance to assist you as well. Expert Roofers Lafayette can protect the low pitch roofing. If you believe you might profit from the low pitch roofing services that we can provide, please contact us today for a free estimate. We are the only smooth roof company in Lafayette that always has the best interests in mind.