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Locally owned and operated and serving the greater Lafayette area, Expert Roofers Lafayette is the roofing contractor you can trust.

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Roofing Experts

At Expert Roofers Lafayette, we know that selecting a Lafayette region roofing contractor is a tough task. We’re here to really make things better! Expert Roofers Lafayette has been in the roofing business for 10 years, including roof construction and roof maintenance in Lafayette, LA. With each new roofing project, whether residential roofing or Lafayette commercial roofing, we aim to provide prompt, competent service at a reasonable price.

Our Commitment

Would you like to know the preferred materials of roofing products to be used to secure your investment? Will you need support mixing styles and colors? Are you searching for sturdy, robust roofing that can withstand severe weather conditions? Give us a call to Expert Roofers Lafayette. We’re glad to provide you with a quote for your precise Lafayette roofing needs.

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Lafayette Insurance Claims

Has your roof been weakened by a recent storm? If so, you still probably have a lot on your mind, and the insurance company is the last thing you want to deal with. Luckily, Expert Roofers Lafayette will support you in making a claim if you have a proper insurance policy. Since 2011, we have been supporting home and company owners with insurance claims. Call us now to see if the Lafayette Expert Roofers can help.

Lafayette Roof Area Repair

We seem not to consider our roofs unless there’s a crisis with it. If you’ve found damaged roof tiles, a failing roof, or general disrepair, we will certainly fix it! And when it’s time for a re-roofing, we can do it so easily and painlessly! If you’ve just endured a strong storm and high winds, or you’re having problems with a leaking skylight, Expert Roofers Lafayette will support you. It is best to patch deteriorated roofing systems as quickly as possible, to prevent water from entering the walls and support structures. Call us today to react quickly to your roof repair needs.

Lafayette Area Gutter Installation

When you contact Expert Roofers Lafayette for a gutter installation at your home in Lafayette, you will receive trained gutter installation technicians who are experienced and knowledgeable. From the first phone call to the final check, we’ll make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. Your crew leader will be available during the project and will answer any inquiries, and the job will not be completed before you are completely pleased with what we have done.  .


Your roof plays an important function in protecting your house, rented land, or office building. Expert Roofers Lafayette can help you reinforce or repair the roof after it has completed its useful existence. For more than 10 years, we have sold top-quality roofing upgrades, roof maintenance and roof replacements, covering a wide variety of roofing services for both residential and commercial properties.

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Experienced local Roofing professionals

Expert Roofers Lafayette’s professional roofers are dedicated to excellence. Since 2011, we have been offering quality, experienced roofing services. We are proud of our reputation for integrity and excellent craftsmanship and would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Call now for more detail or a perfect deal for roofing.

Full Service Roofing

Expert Roofers Lafayette will assist you with your roofing project. We will complete just about every roofing project, including construction, roof renovation, or roof repair, as well as suggest solutions that will give you an appealing and sturdy roof; your best protection against the weather.

Roof Repair Services 

Have you had a leaky roof? Don’t let a minor roof leak turn into a larger and more costly roof repair issue. Call to patch your failing roof and solve your drainage issues. Our polite and experienced team at the Expert Roofers Lafayette will collaborate with you to guarantee that your roof is fixed easily and efficiently.

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When it comes to first-rate roof repair in Lafayette, our professional roofers are doing the right thing, upholding our loyalty to good quality and customer service levels. We at Expert Roofers Lafayette have the experience and reliability you’re searching for. We provide the most professional and inexpensive residential and industrial roofing repair in Lafayette, LA.

Fast, Dependable Roof Repair

Our Roofing contractors conduct roof maintenance on a range of roof styles. Will you have curling roof shingles, broken slates or cracked roof tiles? If you need to patch the flat roof? If it’s restoring a shingle roof, fixing flat roof leakage or repairing roof tiles, our professional tradesmen can easily patch and rebuild the roof and further shield your house from the weather. We can balance any kind of content. Don’t hesitate to contact our Experts until you see the first indication of a leak or a stain on your roof or ceiling.

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Let Us Serve Your Lafayette Roofing Needs!

Roofing Insurance Claims

Whether your roof was hit by a tornado, a storm, or a hurricane, you’ve got a lot to contend with. If you’ve been a target of roof loss, the last thing you want to do is pay a ton of money to repair the roof. If you have a roof replacement insurance policy, we will support you in making a claim. Expert Roofers Lafayette has over 10 years of experience helping homeowners and companies negotiate the documentation and procedures required to make a claim with their insurance carriers and see through the process.

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Roof Damage Types Mostly covered by insurance

The most frequent cause of roof damage in the United States is hail followed closely by wind damage. These two bring up about 40% of the insurance premiums for roof replacements. Other requests for roof replacements cover destruction incurred by arson, burning, and tornadoes.

24/7 Emergency Roofing Service

Is the roof leaking? Has it been compromised? If you’re having a leaky roof right now, don’t wait and face increased harm to your house. Expert Roofers Lafayette accepts calls for emergency roofing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If there are widespread weather issues in the city, we may not always be able to repair your roof problems instantly, but we can offer emergency protection to shield your home from flood damage and keep your family safe.

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Act on leaks instantly

Not all emergency roofing services are the same. Fast service doesn’t have to equal shoddy service. Call Expert Roofers Lafayette now for instant (yet quality) service. The greatest challenge after you have sustained harm to the roof is to quickly contain a problem that decreases the chances of further damage to your house.

If the leaking roof is not sealed as quickly as possible, water will enter the house, seeping through the walls and flooring. This could entail expensive maintenance work. Call Expert Roofers Lafayette instantly if your roof has been destroyed, 24 hours a day. We can arrive rapidly and contain the leakage by supplying a temporary tarp before the weather becomes stable and the repair work can be done.

Expert Roofers Lafayette Gutters

With more than 10 years of industry experience, Expert Roofers Lafayette has been building high-quality gutters, providing long-lasting results to our happy customers. We always use the right products to mount your gutter. We realize you want it to be finished correctly the first time.

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Installation of Gutters Done Well

Do you need to patch the gutter in Lafayette? Don’t wait to call us! We know how to patch gutters in every house, workplace or home. We also provide cleaning of the gutter in Lafayette. We’re cleaning gutters so you don’t have to do the nasty job! Remember, we’re your roofing company in Lafayette for all kinds of gutter repair!

Installing gutters properly would protect your property and prevent the run-off of rainwater to your base, landscaping, stairs and walkways. Expert Roofers Lafayette will mount gutters and downspouts to guarantee that the rainwater drains correctly without harming the house or landscape. We have expertise in building and fixing both vinyl gutters and metal gutters, so please do not hesitate to contact Expert Roofers Lafayette to build the gutters of your choosing.

Shingle Roofs 

When it comes to building a shingle roof, our experienced roofers are doing their work correctly the first time! For every Lafayette shingle roofing project we finish, we pledge to maintain our dedication to quality and high standards. We have the experience and durability that you’re looking for in a Lafayette roofing company. We provide the most professional and affordable residential and commercial shingle roofing installations.

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The construction of roof shingles is a project that involves skilled traders. Expert Roofers Lafayette has been installing roof shingles for ten years. There are a lot of shades and shingle roof products available to choose from, within a selection of rates to suit your budget. The roofing craftsmen of Expert Roofers Lafayette have detailed experience of all forms of shingle roofing installations and shingle repairs.


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You will be guaranteed that your satisfaction is our goal. We make sure that your roof looks as good as new.

Asphalt Seal Coating

Expert Roofers Lafayette has been providing expert roofing services in the surrounding region for more than 10 years, and we now provide the same technical quality of service to consumers searching for driveway sealing. Asphalt seal coating applies a waterproof coating on the driveway to defend from adverse conditions, toxins, and daily wear and tear. When you’re in need of the seal coating business, call us for a free quote from Expert Roofers Lafayette for high quality asphalt seal coating for your driveway.

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Asphalt 101

Asphalt is a naturally sticky, petroleum-based product that can readily break down. Cracks or ridges make it possible for water to enter and induce erosion. Gasoline, tar, antifreeze and road salt can also affect asphalt degradation. Seal coating offers weather security for your driveway and serves as a deterrent to dangerous chemicals. Call Expert Roofers Lafayette for competent sealing coating to cover your driveway. We’ve been sealing driveways since 2011.

Chimney Services

We do Chimney Maintenance, Repair, Rebuild, Flashing, Caps and Cleaning and more. The chimney in your house is the highest venting point and source for smoke and poisonous gasses inside your building. Since 2011, Expert Roofers Lafayette has been proud to provide outstanding chimney, renovation and maintenance services for all kinds of chimneys.

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Full-Service Chimney Company Specialist Roofers Lafayette offers expert chimney services to inhabitants of their residences. From chimney sweeping to chimney fixes, our experienced and competent staff is happy to help you with the chimney maintenance or chimney repair you are searching for.

Cleaning and inspection of your chimney

You should get the chimney cleaned and swept every year. The educated, polite workers at Expert Roofers Lafayette are specialists in the chimney inspection methods to check the state of your chimney and what maintenance or improvement is required.

Commercial Roofing

Expert Roofers Lafayette has been involved in the roofing industry since 2011, offering quality, skilled commercial roofing in the local area. We provide a broad range of commercial products, including asphalt shingles, corrugated metal, tiles and more. All commercial roofing products come with manufacturer’s guarantees to offer you peace of mind. Call Expert Roofers Lafayette for a quote on commercial roofing.

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All commercial roofing work is carried out in full compliance with OSHA safety guidelines and complies with Lafayette, Louisiana building codes. Our roofers take precautions to secure your house and landscaping when on-site. All work environments are coded to ensure optimum protection for the staff, suppliers and consumers. All building debris is collected securely and disposed of correctly after our team exits your place.



Proper flashing installation is important for preserving the durability of the current roofing system. Over time, flashing will need to be fixed or replaced by chimneys and walls. As a leading roofing company, we frequently get phone calls for flashing replacements, either because of wear and tear on the roof or because of the poorly mounted flashing on the roof construction by a contractor who cut corners.

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Affordable Flashing Estimates

Expert Roofers Lafayette will take the time to evaluate your roofing problems and skilfully fix the flashing. Frequently, we patch flashing on chimneys, skylights, roofing vents and partitions. Give us a call to evaluate your flashing needs, and the professionals at Expert Roofers Lafayette will get the job done properly. - - - - - - - - - - -